A state -of- the art warehouse facility equipped to deliver first-class safety for your products either in storage or in transit.

At our warehouse, we seek to deliver a range of services to help our clients get the most from partnering with us. From our attention to security and adherence to strict procedure to the use of modern technological infrastructure and technical support – we can take care of your needs.

As a firm intent on leading in our sector, we know that security and trust are key ingredients in building quality relationships. No matter the need, we have the capacity and continually seek to expand even more in order to deliver on our promise of excellent storage, distribution and reach for your products.

Our facilities are...

Purpose built warehouse

The all-new Isolo facility is purpose built and has the capacity to mechanically load and off-load 15 trucks of varying heights simultaneously

Maintained in a Highly Secured Environment with First- in- Class Security Measures

We pursue best in practices on HSE & Emergency Preparedness. Goods are stored and maintained in a highly secured environment, equipped with modern fire fighting systems.

Equipped with State-of-the-Art IT, office & warehouse infrastructure

Dedicated servers and a restricted access server room with a robust ERP platform and business continuity plan